Twin Peaks – The return: an odissey through space and time

“Home” is a keyword in the lynchean universe. It represents the symbolic place of repression,  in which traumas and undisclosed impulses live; home is the den in which family relationships are about to crack and, at the same time, the happy nest we all long for, hoping to find a new balance. The third season of the series by Lynch and Frost is, in fact, the story (or the union of stories) of a homeward trip- the one which is undertaken by good old Dale Cooper, whom we last saw prisoner of the Black Lodge, and by Laura Palmer herself; the story is echoed by the audience’s wish to go back to the familiar atmospheres of the town which so upset their television panorama. Yet, in Lynch’s terms, going back home means walking towards obscurity, along unpredictable trajectories which break into many different paths; it means entering territories halfway between the unknown and the disturbing. It means, to cut a long story short, going back for the first time.

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